The Evil Within’s The Assignment DLC Creeps Onto Consoles And PC March 10


Following up their previous teaser announcement and trailer, Bethesda has announced an official release date of March 10 for The Assignment DLC of last year’s horror juggernaut The Evil Within. As previously revealed, it will be released on both consoles and PC simultaneously.

The first of three planned DLC packs, The Assignment will follow the mysterious Juli Kidman, Sebastian Castellanos’ partner and (supposedly) a double agent working with Mobius, the company behind the happenings of The Evil Within. Although her character was absent for a majority of the game and her motivations were largely unknown, The Assignment along with the upcoming DLC pack The Consequence looks to shed some light on what Kidman was up to.

While the trailer above is only a minute long, it does dole out a few hints about what challenges Kidman will face, including another run-in with the spotlight-headed creatures from The Evil Within and a clandestine meeting with a shadowy figure who seems to be behind the whole affair. Luckily, nothing is spoiled by the trailer, so the story aspect of The Assignment remains a well-kept secret, for now.

Despite forcing Castellanos into a gauntlet of gunfights throughout the original campaign, Kidman’s gameplay looks to be slightly more stealth-based, so hopefully the sneaking around bits didn’t grind your gears too much the first time around.

The season pass for The Evil Within is available for $19.99 and includes three DLC packs, including The AssignmentThe Consequence and The Executioner. The former will be available for $9.99 on its own, and the latter two will have pricing and release dates detailed sometime in the future.

Be sure to check back once The Assignment is released for our in-depth review.

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