Extended Trailer For The Last Of Us Offers The Best Look Yet

Amid the chaotic finale of last night’s The Walking Dead, Naughty Dog issued out two new trailers for their upcoming post-apocalyptic game The Last Of Us. The studio capitalised on the swell of viewing figures by releasing a short thirty second teaser during a commercial break, however over on Amazon an extended 2-and-a-half minute trailer was also unveiled.

You can check out both below:


The shorter TV spot above acts as a sizzle reel for the longer trailer underneath, and while gamers who have kept up with the development of The Last of Us may find some of the footage familiar, Naughty Dog sure know how to stoke excitement.

The survival game will take place in a world ravaged by a vicious plague, one inspired loosely on the Cordyceps fungus – a nasty disease that infects the brain of the host and replaces mental tissue with horrifying, mind-controlling abilities. Only in this universe, the virus isn’t exclusive to insects.

Naughty Dog’s latest title ventures into uncharted territory for the studio – in more ways than one, mind you – and tells the story of Joel, a grizzled survivor of the Cordyceps-esque plague that has decimated Earth and left the remaining humans vying for survival. Players will take control of Joel who is tasked with protecting a young girl named Ellie in a relationship that the studio has placed much emphasis on during their advertising and looks to hold the emotional crux of the story. A young, inexperienced girl whose only knowledge of the original Earth is through photographs paired with a world-weary man with an eschewed moral compass presents a fascinating dynamic.

From a studio with a long and prosperous relationship with Sony, The Last of Us will remain a Playstation exclusive. It’s one of the excellent games being released in the twilight years of this generation of consoles, now that the Playstation 4 has been unveiled, and looks to bookend the PS3 with style. The Last of Us will be released on June 14th, pushed back from the original May 7th, and quite frankly, it can’t come around soon enough.

Is the game a day one purchase for you? Let us know below!