Face Your Demons In Latest Trailer For Capcom’s Free-To-Play RPG, Deep Down


Deep Down, Capcom Online Games’ free-to-play PS4 exclusive, is a very strange beast. Not only does it literally feature some strange beasts — as can be seen in the recently-released trailer — but the game appears to be a mix of Assassin’s Creed and From Software’s renown Dark Souls series.

Set in New York in the year 2094, Capcom’s RPG hones the time travelling elements associated with Ubisoft’s franchise in that players have the ability to relive memories from generations past; generations revolving around 1494 that involve slaying dragons and battling giant crab-like creatures.

Deep Down is currently being developed in collaboration with Studio Japan, who unveiled some all-new footage during the company’s TGS presentation that teases the game’s intriguing story elements. In terms of gameplay, we understand that the time-hopping RPG will centre around four-player co-op and, considering that it is being built under a freemium model, is set to feature in-game microtransactions.

Speaking with GameSpot, the company’s chief game designer, Yoshinori Ono, touched upon the implementation of these microtransactions and how the studio plan to ensure Deep Down has a sense of staying power when it is finally released.

“The game Deep Down is provided free of charge, but players are required to pay for additional items and other game content. To ensure people playing the game don’t lose interest, we will keep working to deliver stable long-term services.”

Currently, PlayStation 4’s Deep Down is without a release date and the planned beta that was set to coincide with the console’s Japanese launch has since been pushed back to later in 2014. While we await further information on when we can see the game, let us know what you make of the new footage in the comments section below.