Fallout 4 Tracking For Bigger UK Opening Than Skyrim; Bethesda Dev Has Played Sequel For 400 Hours And Still Not Found Everything


As if there was every any doubt about the remarkable size and scope of Bethesda Game Studios’ hotly-anticipated sequel, Lead Producer Jeff Gardiner has claimed to have played Fallout 4 for over 400 hours without finding everything the post-apocalyptic world has to offer.

Gardiner dropped the rather terrifying tibdit during the game’s recent panel at E3 2015, stating that he’s still unearthing never-before-seen trinkets from the decimated Boston wasteland.

“I’ve played the game probably 400 hours, and I’m still finding stuff that I haven’t seen yet,” said Gardiner.

Now, before you go rushing to say goodbye to your loved ones, it’s worth noting that many members of a creative team only see a portion of a game during development, with studios dividing resources to work on various elements of the project itself, be they narrative-based content, character design or analyzing general performance. Make no mistake, Fallout 4 will be big; but will it be big enough to dethrone Skyrim from atop the UK sales charts? High-street retailer GAME certainly thinks so.

Commenting about Bethesda’s decision to slate the sequel for 2015, Steve Moore underlined the importance of a triple-A title releasing this fall in an interview MCV, side-stepping the pitfall that has pushed many heavy-hitters into 2016.

“It’s really important that Fallout 4 hits this year and doesn’t become yet another marquee title that slips into 2016. It’s very encouraging that Bethesda has announced a date so early on for Fallout 4. To bring it out within days of this year’s Call of Duty shows massive faith in the title.”

Whether it can match the sales numbers of Skyrim, however – currently simmering north of 22 million units since November 2011 – will ultimately be determined in time.

Getting back to the sheer scope of Fallout 4, though, and Gardiner’s remark is certainly one that will pique the interest of the game’s ever-passionate community.

Completionists beware, Fallout 4 is coming for your spare time and sanity when Bethesda’s sequel launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10, 2015.