Fallout 76 Is Now Free To Play, But Only For A Limited Time

Fallout 76

In the mood for a spot of wasteland exploration this weekend? Bethesda’s got you covered.

Accompanying the reveal of a roadmap documenting future updates planned for the game, the developer confirmed that it’s waiving the usual asking price for Fallout 76 in an effort to encourage some new blood to join in on the fun. Admittedly, poring through the obliterated remains of West Virginia doesn’t exactly sound like the digital vacation of a lifetime, but as any fan of the sci-fi franchise can no doubt tell you – it won’t be long before you’re hoarding bottlecaps and flaunting your newfound wealth in a custom-fitted suit of Power Armor.

Those planning on taking full advantage of the promotional period have until next week, May 18th, to get their fill of post-apocalyptic America for the low price of free, though as is standard for these sorts of limited-time deals, you’ll need to send some cash Bethesda’s way once the trial is up to keep playing. Fortunately, you can find the game pretty cheap at various online retailers right now, with Steam currently running a 25% discount.

Fallout 76 Screenshot

Released back in 2018 to lukewarm reviews, Fallout 76 was heavily criticized for missing major elements found in other installments (most notably non-player characters) as well as numerous game-breaking bugs and a lack of content. With several free updates now under its belt, the spinoff multiplayer title is in a considerably better place. Technical hiccups still persist, however, but if you can look past those hangups, it’s a solid way for you and your friends to pass the time during lockdown.

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