Dino Crisis Fan Imagines What Remake Would Look Like With Amazing Art


Right now, Capcom is on a crusade to make sure Resident Evil retains its top spot in the survival horror genre.

Due to follow in the footsteps of this year’s acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake, next year’s installment will mark the return of S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine as she begins her nightmarish escape from Raccoon City. Pursuing her every step of the way, of course, will be Umbrella’s monstrous Nemesis who, unlike the meme-spawning Mr X, has more than two brain cells remaining in its zombified gray matter.

New and returning players alike will get their chance to take on the ultimate bioweapon come April 3rd, but what other devilishly delightful treats are Capcom cooking up behind closed doors? Officially, the developer has yet to confirm its future plans, but several leaks point to Resident Evil 8 being next in line. With a number of teams at its disposal, however, many are crossing their digits and hoping the studio finds time for a different kind of remake.

Similarly to the ceaseless requests that eventually saw Capcom greenlight Resident Evil 2‘s reimagining, Dino Crisis fans are hoping for a similar deal. Created by industry legendary Shinji Mikami, the series has developed a huge cult following in recent years and seen a massive rise in requests for its return.

Frustratingly, Capcom has seemingly stubbornly refused to acknowledge those calls, but one fan has now taken it upon themselves to imagine what such a project would look like. Check out OmniSlayer_006’s fantastic fan art below.

If you find yourself bemoaning the fact that the image is little more than fan art, don’t give up hope for an official version just yet. Earlier this week, Capcom renewed a number of trademarks for its extensive library of games, one of which was for none other than Dino Crisis. Is that a sure sign of the company’s intention to revisit the series? Not necessarily, but it’s something, and that’s better than nothing, right?