Resident Evil 2 Mod Transforms Mr. X Into It: Chapter Two’s Pennywise


Eight months on from its initial release, Resident Evil 2‘s illustrious remake continues to attract modders like moths to a flame.

Surely on the shortlist for Game of the Year 2019, the reimagined survival horror has been lauded as both a technical and visual achievement by fans and critics alike. Besides painstakingly recreating the entirety of Raccoon City and its Gothic-inspired police department, Capcom introduced a whole new generation of Resi fans to its undisputed and tyrannical (literally) star, Mr. X.

A product of the Umbrella Corporation’s tinkering with human biology, the unstoppable Tyrant pursues Leon and/or Claire throughout the course of their attempted escapes from hell on Earth in much the same way as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis‘ titular bioweapon. Due to its terrifying presence and unpredictable nature, the entity quickly spawned a slew of internet memes and mods that replace his usual visage with a raft of pop culture icons.

From Friday the 13th‘s Jason to Thomas the Tank Engine, there’s truly been no limit to what fans have cooked up over the last several months and today sees yet another added to the list. Check out the video above for the fright of your lives. Coulrophobia sufferers should look away now.

A child-killing monster that disguises itself as a clown, Pennywise is one of author Stephen King’s most famous creations. The character has enjoyed renewed fame in recent years, too, thanks to Andy Muschietti’s two-part film adaptation of King’s colossal source material.

As for Resident Evil 2, Capcom just recently unveiled its successor in the form of Project Resistance. Rather than announce a remake of RE 3 as many had predicted, the developer is trying its hand at an all-new experience. For everything we know so far about the ambitious project, including early gameplay, see here.