Resident Evil 8 Reportedly Now In Development For Next-Gen Consoles


How many new Resident Evil games is Capcom truly working on? As of writing, the answer is a grand total of one; a figure that soon balloons in size when rumors and hearsay come into play.

Project Resistance, a multiplayer spinoff title set in the acclaimed survival horror franchise, is on course to release sometime next year. A potentially entertaining and well-made stopgap, for sure, but fans are eager to learn more about the mainline series’ future, namely, Resident Evil 8. Is it too soon to be discussing such things? That depends, as Capcom’s release schedule for its mainline zombie attraction is eclectic, to say the least.

Generally speaking, a development cycle of around five years is the amount of time in which it takes for the publisher to turnaround numbered Resident Evil entries, which, if accurate, would put the eighth installment’s estimated arrival date around 2022. Resident Evil 7 is, after all, almost three years old, meaning there’s a good chance that its successor is already being actively worked on. An unconfirmed conclusion, then, but it’s the very same one that prominent leaker EVIL VR has arrived upon, it seems.

In addressing current rumors surrounding the unannounced Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake, they state that Resident Evil 8 won’t arrive until after the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next hardware launches at the earliest. Both the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett are expected to hit retail around this time next year.

There’s still a long wait ahead, in other words, but worry not. Assuming EVIL VR is correct, Resident Evil 3‘s aforementioned revival, as well as Project Resistance, will be more than enough to keep you occupied until then. With any luck, we could be hearing more about the former at The Game Awards later this month. Stay tuned.