Fans Are Going Berzerk Over Deltarune Chapter 2 Announcement

Out of nowhere, Toby Fox confirmed that the second chapter of Deltarune would be releasing in just two days and fans are going absolutely wild over the news. It was the ultimate way to end the day for Undertale’s 6th anniversary but no one had expected it would be coming as soon as September 17th. DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 is already trending on Twitter with everyone so excited the capslock is OBVIOUSLY on!

Fans can learn more about the game and see an official F.A.Q. on transferring their chapter one save files over on the official website, but right now it’s way more fun to see just how elated everyone is to be getting more Deltarune content so soon!

We understand not being able to quite hold down the shift key the whole time out of excitement…

Ahhhh those signature Toby Fox graphics…

Even the Among Us team is excited!

Needless to say, it looks like a whole lot of gamers will be checking out the second chapter of Deltarune when it releases on September 17th at 8 pm EST.