Fans Think Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Be Revealed At Super Bowl LV

Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar fans are once again hedging their bets on the US’ biggest sporting event of the year as the venue for a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement.

Super Bowl LV, which kicks off this weekend, February 7th, will see the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle it out on the football field to decide which team is crowned league champion for the 2020 NFL season, but some are more interested in the spectacle’s halftime show. Arguably just as anticipated as the main event itself, the mid-match performance is often punctuated by commercials for some of the biggest upcoming entertainment releases as well as live performances from renowned musicians.

This year, The Weeknd has been chosen to lead the lucrative gig and GTA fans think his presence is the first sign that the series’ sixth installment is finally ready to make itself known to the world. The connection, it seems, comes from past rumors that the Canadian artist is collaborating with the aforementioned studio for GTA 6‘s soundtrack, which is expected to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps by containing an eclectic mix of licensed music.

In addition to the above, many believe 2020’s halftime show, which featured footage from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – due to being hosted in Miami, on which Vice City is based – was a surefire sign that something larger was afoot. Alas, that wasn’t the case, though that certainly hasn’t stopped folks from hoping last year’s innocent trailer was simply a long con intended to precede a full reveal in just a few days’ time.

Far be it from us to put a damper on the aspirations of gamers, but we can’t help but think that this theory is a little far-fetched. Either way, if Rockstar defies the odds and does provide what the world has been waiting almost a decade for, you’ll be hearing about it. Stay tuned.