Evil Dead Fans Are Freaking Out Over First Trailer For Upcoming Game

Evil Dead: The Game

Horror junkies will always love their franchises, especially ones whose installments are few enough in number that they manage to avoid being run into the ground. Evil Dead is one such property, and the first look at Evil Dead: The Game has fans almost as excited as they would be if Sam Raimi announced he was directing another movie.

The teaser trailer shows some pre-alpha footage from the game that perfectly recreates the sinister setting and iconic imagery from the first two films, such as the isolated cabin, the Necronomicon, the chained cellar, the white-eyed mounted deer head, and, of course, the Oldsmobile. Fans were suitably excited about the reveal, and they made sure everyone knew about it, as you can see below.

Evil Dead: The Game

While the voiceover from Bruce Campbell might further excite fans into thinking he’s returned as Ash after previously announcing his retirement from the character, the narration is actually an edited form of the opening monologue of Army of Darkness, and included to add to the atmosphere of the trailer’s action, with Ash presumably to be voiced by another actor mimicking Campbell’s seductive baritone.

Furthermore, either a game mechanic or part of the setup will involve characters being gathered from across time and the various continuities of the franchise, since as well as Ash with chainsaw hand and boomstick, those featured are Kelly Maxwell, the breakout badass of TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead, the armor-clad, sword-swinging Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, and Scotty from the original movie, initially the most competent character before he was possessed and Ash stepped up as reluctant hero. They’re all briefly shown to be playable, and will doubtless each come with their own set of skills, weapons and abilities.

Although specific information about Evil Dead: The Game is currently very thin on the ground, if the ecstatic reception received by this mere minute of footage is anything to go by, it will be one of next year’s most hotly anticipated titles.