Far Cry 3’s New Gameplay Trailer Will Mess You Up

Far Cry 3‘s latest trailer helps you see the world through the eyes of a scientist named Dr. Earnhardt, presumably known for his ‘alternative medicine.’

From just a couple minutes of footage, it’s pretty obvious that Far Cry 3 looks to be a drug-filled testosterone fest. By the looks of things, those alternative medicines the doctor is prescribing may be for more than just treating malaria.

As an added bonus, GameStop pre-orders get the exclusive Monkey Business Pack DLC. For the single-player side of things, players get an extra four missions centered around side character Hurk and his army of bomb-carrying monkeys, while multiplayer modes get “two bonus ways to humiliate your friends.” Poop flinging may or may not be included.

Far Cry 3 is scheduled to take you on a crazy trip this Fall, September 4th to be more specific.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.