How FIFA 13 Will Evolve EA Sports’ Football Club, Plus New Game Details

EA Sports‘ employees refer to FIFA as being one of football’s best social networks, which it truly is. That’s why EA Sports’ Football Club will be expanded with the launch of FIFA 13, allowing fans to carry their FIFA 12 levels and experience points into its successor. Though, if that’s not enough, it’s also been confirmed that returning players will receive a bonus in the brand new Football Club catalogue, which works based on in-game currency that is earned by simply playing the game. That imaginary money can be used to purchase new kits, boots and other unique items.

Last up for Football Club, is the news that FIFA 13 for the iPad, iPhone and Android and will be connected to Football Club. Thankfully, an iPhone app will be released to help keep players connected to the game, their friends list, public auctions and their general profile features.

Now, it’s time to talk about the game itself. What’s important to note is that the series’ next iteration boasts improved artificial intelligence, more realistic dribbling mechanics and defenders who will crowd the ball better than ever before.

FIFA 13 is scheduled for release this fall, although the Android version apparently won’t be released at the same time as its peers. During the company’s E3 press conference, an EA Sports representative stated that the Android version will come out “later this year.”

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