All 50 WiiWare Game Demos Return To The Wii Shop Channel

What is with Nintendo and its WiiWare demo addition/removal schemes?

After previously adding trials as limited time offers, then removing them after a specific date, the Japanese giant has had a change of heart. Now, all 50 of the previously-released demos for the service’s games, are available in a specially-designated section of the Wii Shop Channel. In order to find that listing, you will have to select the ‘genres’ tab first.

If you’re wondering why this is happening now, then you can join the club. Limited time demos is a scheme that makes absolutely no sense at all. While they may take up a bit of extra data, their availability is certainly a benefit, considering that gamers aren’t always into the blind-buy idea.

At least they’re there now.

Thanks to Nintendo World Report for the video.

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