Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Will Feature New Audio Episode, More Screens Also Released



In a blog post today, Square Enix revealed that the HD versions of Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD will feature a brand new audio drama scene lasting thirty minutes in length. Though we understood that the segment would be implemented in the Japanese version of the games, today’s news confirms that the additional content will be available in time for the Western release and will also be voiced in English.

You can check out a snippet of the content right here:

The scene itself, which will play out during the game’s closing credits, was composed by Kazushige Nojima – who acted as scenario writer on both Final Fantasy X & X-2 – and features the same voice actors and actresses from the originals. While brief, the clip gives us a hint to the enhanced audio quality within Square Enix’s product. What’s more, it’s been confirmed that 60 pieces of music from the game’s stunning soundtrack have been optimised as part of the HD makeover.

Mind you, audio isn’t the only department that Square Enix has overhauled. In tandem with today’s confirmation, the Japanese developers also unveiled a bevy of new screenshots for the upcoming rerelease, which showcase the luscious environment of Spira in high definition for the very first time. You can catch a glimpse of these down below.

Though we are stuck with a nebulous 2013 release date right now, we understand that the games will be available on one disc for PlayStation 3, whereas Vita owners will have to purchase each title individually. The studio has also confirmed that Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD will feature cross-save support – while remaining mum on Sony’s cross-buy incentive.

Tell us, will you join Tidus & Co. later this year in their quest to Zanarkand? Or are you more excited about revisiting Yuna’s tale from the sequel? Give us your thoughts in the comments.