New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Show A Matured Hope

Final Fantasy XIII was a very mixed game. Among the complaints the gaming community had, one of the biggest was that Hope, the youngest playable character in the game, was incredibly whiny and annoying. Rightfully so though, considering his mother dies at the very beginning of the game (no spoilers here as it literally happens at the beginning of the game).

It would seem that Square Enix is trying to make Hope, now 24 in these screenshots, much less annoying by taking advantage of a time travel story. He seems to be more mature, and will hopefully be more of a likable character.

Square has released a new batch of screens showing off the aforementioned older Hope, what looks like a slot machine minigame, and a really, REALLY nice shot of a city.

That last shot is rather impressive looking. I’m told that the weather in the game will actually have an effect on the battles, which sounds like just the kind of thing to mix up the battles here and there.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on XBOX 360 and PS3 January 31, 2012.

What say you, gamers? Think this might redeem the previous game?