Final Fantasy XV Reportedly Drops On September 30; Leaked Trailer Reveals Imminent Demo


Mere hours away from the JRPG’s grand unveiling, pertinent details relating to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV have emerged ahead of schedule, slating the long-awaited title for a release on September 30.

That’s in accordance with previous reports, too, which also claimed at the time that FFXV would make its bow across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One towards the tail-end of September.

Another major detail to slip out the gate earlier than anticipated is news of a new demo for Final Fantasy XV. Bearing no affiliation to last year’s Episode Duscae, reports claim that the vertical slice will feature a younger Noctis and the summon Carbuncle. Set to hit both PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, March 31, playing the demo is the only way to unlock Carbuncle as a summon in Square’s finished product.

You can glimpse an unofficial trailer for said snippet up above, where the developer teases “a fun and free Final Fantasy XV for fans and first-timers alike. Enter the dream of young Noctis. Uncover a tale untold in-game. Meet your new friend.”

Acknowledging the untimely leak, the official FFXV Twitter hinted that there’s still plenty in store ahead of tonight’s Uncovered event in Los Angeles.

Square Enix will formally bring the curtain down on Final Fantasy XV via tonight’s Uncovered event at 7:00 pm PT/10:00 pm ET. Will you be staying up for the showcase?