Final Fantasy XV’s Patch 1.05 Is Out Now, Includes PS4 Pro Support, Level Cap Increase

Final Fantasy XV‘s latest update is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, although it’s owners of Sony’s PS4 Pro that stand to benefit the most from the patch. Originally planned to go live tomorrow, February 21, Square Enix has rolled it out a day early, and it comes with full HD support for the Pro, as well as a new a new option that allows the JRPG to run at a maximum of 60 fps, although you should probably still expect a few dips in performance here and there.

As previously outlined by the developer, 1.05 also adds a generous helping of new content, including a level cap increase for Noctis and his companions from 99 to 120. It’s highly unlikely you’ll need that extra power to complete – if you haven’t already – Final Fantasy XV’s campaign, but it should help a great deal for the game’s so-called Menace Dungeons, optional delves that task players with defeating increasingly more difficult rooms of enemies. An increase to camera capacity, the ability to play music while riding Chocobos and new, limited-time quests round out the rest of the patch, which also marks the conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival that began last month.

Looking to the future, next month marks the release of Final Fantasy XV‘s first story expansion, Episode Gladio, which will see Noctis protector take some time off for his own adventure. On the same day, Square will also roll out some long-awaited improvements to the often criticized Chapter 13, more details for which you can see here.

Source: VG247