Final “How Will You Survive?” Trailers Released For Alien: Isolation


We are finally only days away from the release of Alien: Isolation, and despite a range of reviews calling the title either overlong and strained or the best thing since the KFC Double Down, I couldn’t be more excited. To keep fans salivating wildly until launch day, Sega and Creative Assembly have released the final four trailers in their “How Will You Survive?” series, treating us to four more gruesome ways to lose your life on the Sevastopol.

Although this group of trailers plays similarly to the rest, they focus a lot more on the Working Joe that are stalking around the ship. The creepy, rubber-faced androids stalk Amanda like Michael Myers from Halloween, and their eerie, placating voices aren’t as reassuring as they once were.

Of course, the Xenomorph steals the spotlight more than once, not really showcasing anything entirely new but still showing off just how intelligent the AI directing it can be. As terrifying as it will be to be stalked by an unpredictable, invincible murder machine, it’s starting to look like death will become frustrating fast, especially if you have to watch the same three or four kill animations play each time you die. I’m all for gruesome reminders that you messed up bad, but with a game that seems as trial-and-error as Alien: Isolation, it might become an eventual aggravation.

Until I get my hands on the final product, though, I’ll reserve my judgments and just say that I am quivering with excitement to finally take my first steps onto the Sevastopol.

Be sure to check out the final four “How Will You Survive?” trailers both above and below, and check back here for our review of Alien: Isolation after its release next Tuesday!

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