Here’s Where You Can Find Every Fortnite Reboot Van


Better late than never, eh? Following months of speculation and leaks implying the imminent arrival of a respawn mechanic in Fortnite, developer Epic Games has finally delivered on those suspicions. Previously dubbed Respawn Vans by the fanbase prior to official release, Reboot Vans have finally started their engines and entered active service. For obvious reasons, their introduction will have little impact on solo players, but for squads, at least, death no longer need be the end.

Similarly to Apex Legends‘ respawn system from which Epic drew inspiration, resurrection comes with its own limitations and is by no means guaranteed. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, though, you probably want to know where each Van ready to receive the dead can be found. If so, then check out the handy map below for every single location, courtesy of Prima Games.

Now, as for the rules players must abide by when using a Reboot Van, there’s a few to digest, so read carefully. First of all, to even be in with the chance to revive a teammate, you’ll need to retrieve their Reboot Card. These are unique to each squad member and can only be retrieved from their corpse. Fail to retrieve any card within 90 seconds and it’ll despawn from the world permanently. With Reboot Card in hand, head to the nearest Van and trigger a respawn. This process takes a total of 10 seconds, so if you’re already being pursued by an enemy, don’t chance it.

Following a successful ‘reboot’, the respawn station will enter a cooldown state, denying you (and any other team) use of its facilities for 120 seconds. Why the lockout? Who knows, but it’s likely a countermeasure against any potential abuse.

Anyway, that about covers your crash course lesson for Fortnite‘s Reboot Van, though one final warning to be wary of. Anyone brought back from the dead will be stripped of their previous gear and have little more than a common pistol and 100 wood (building material) on their person.

Source: Prima Games