Fire Emblem Fates Gets A Release Date And Multiple Purchase Options


Fire Emblem Fates, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the 2013 3DS hit Fire Emblem Awakening, has been out in Japan under the title Fire Emblem if since June, with fans of the series waiting on news regarding its previously-confirmed North American release. Thankfully, today’s Nintendo Direct stream revealed that the wait won’t be too much longer, as the game will launch February 19, 2016.

Building on the successful gameplay foundation established in Awakening, Fates seems to be a more ambitious title, considering that it will be split into three different campaigns that are essentially completely different games. Two of these campaigns, going by the subtitles Birthright and Conquest, will be available for purchase at launch in both digital and physical versions costing $39.99 each. Upon purchase, there will be an option to buy the other title as DLC for $19.99. Finally, a digital-only third campaign called Revelation will be made available as DLC within both titles at a later point.

Finally, diehard Fire Emblem fans who want to get all the content at once will have the option to purchase the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition for $79.99, which will contain all three campaigns, an art book, and a carrying pouch for 3DS XLs. Also, like Awakening, additional level maps will gradually be released as DLC. Starting today at select retailers, gamers can pre-order the first batch in the form of DLC Map Pack #1.

The idea of three game’s worth of Fire Emblem content will sound like a dream come true for fans, and if Fire Emblem Fates plays as well as Awakening, the title could be the next must-have title for the 3DS come next February.