Fire Emblem Warriors Available Fall 2017 For Nintendo Switch and New 3DS


Following on from its announcement of a new Fire Emblem game for 3DS, Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation also shed some more light on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors, a hack-and-slash title being developed by Koei Tecmo in collaboration with Nintendo.

As was the case with 2014’s Hyrule Warriors, you can expect outlandish action, fast, frenetic gameplay and a healthy dose of unlockable content for the spinoff title. Although we already knew it was coming thanks to Nintendo’s Switch event last week, it’s existence was relegated to a brief announcement, with more details promised as part of today’s show.

Well, the Big N certainly delivered on its promise, although if you were expecting a lengthy showcase of Fire Emblem Warriors‘ moment to moment gameplay, you might want to just skip out on watching the above trailer. Besides a few seconds of footage showing the player character slicing and dicing waves of generic soldiers into figurative pieces (this is a Nintendo-published title, after all), literally nothing else was shown.

With that said, from the little that Nintendo did show, we did get an idea of what Fire Emblem Warriors will look like and boy, does it look pretty. The Nintendo Switch isn’t going to be winning any awards for most powerful console anytime soon, but Koei has certainly done a bang-up job with the eye-popping environments and character models.

Oh, and we should probably mention the most important detail of all before signing off. Fire Emblem Warriors is slated for a fall 2017 release on Nintendo Switch and the New 3DS. That’s right, Fire Emblem fans, you now have two very big reasons to hold onto your 3DS, at least for another year.

Source: Nintendo