First Details For The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC Announced

the last of us left behind dlc (1)

Adding to last night’s The Last of Us: Left Behind world premiere trailer, Naughty Dog has announced the first details about what players can expect to find in the upcoming single player story-based DLC for The Last of Us.

As suggested by the short teaser trailer, The Last of Us: Left Behind takes place after the events in the Dark Horse comic series The Last of Us: American Dreams and before Joel and Ellie meet in the main game. Players take on the role of Ellie (who is once again portrayed by Ashley Johnson) throughout the entire campaign, which is centered around her life at the military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone.

Over the course of the DLC Ellie is accompanied by her best friend and mentor Riley (played by Yaani King), in a story that “explores the bond between Ellie and Riley through a series of events that will forever change both of their lives.” If you have played through The Last of Us, it is probably not too hard to figure out how Left Behind is going to end.

Naughty Dog also revealed that the DLC will cost $14.99 when it launches in “early 2014” for the PlayStation 3. The updated release window seems to indicate that the DLC has been pushed back a bit from its previously announced “December-January” timeframe.

Check out the teaser trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind below and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming DLC. Is this the story you were hoping for, or would you have preferred Naughty Dog focused it on another event?