First Gameplay Trailer For Avalanche’s Mad Max Channels Fallout Series


Warner Bros. has certainly drummed home the point that the Road Warrior will stalk the screen once more this summer when Fury Road releases in theaters, but there is also a new installment in the Mad Max video game series looming on the horizon, and today, developer Avalanche has debuted the first gameplay trailer for said title.

Menacing, yet beautiful, this footage lands hot on the dusty heels of Tuesday’s concept art, and showcases that the adventure awaiting you in September will bear some similarities with George Millar’s feature. For instance, your Max will begin the game with essentially nothing. Armed with only your instinct to survive, the overriding goal is to traverse the Wasteland in order to track down the goons that stole your car and put them in their place. Interestingly, the trailer hints that the game will incorporate first and third-person perspectives, with the former reserved for driving and sniping enemies from afar.

Moreover, it looks to be the case that Mad Max will even incorporate the dreaded Thunderdome made famous by Mad Max 3 – a huge, gladiatorial arena for fighting, in essence. As the creative minds behind the ludicrously fun Just Cause series, Avalanche’s adaptation already had our curiosity, but following the release of this maiden gameplay clip, the studio’s post-apocalyptic title now has our undivided attention.

Mad Max will emerge, blinking into the sunlight, when Avalanche Studios’ much-anticipated title debuts on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 1 and September 4 in North America and Europe, respectively.