First in-Game Footage Of The System Shock Remaster Has Emerged


The first in-game footage of Night Dive Studios’ System Shock remaster has been released, and it’s looking fantastic. Night Dive says the footage was captured with a pre-alpha version of the engine, but it looks no less polished because of it.

The video (above) is only a few minutes long, but shows off a completely re-textured and visually updated world, including enemy, character and weapon models. Look closely and you can even see a few seconds of basic combat, i.e. swinging a lead pipe at one of the many mutants being controlled by the malevolent artificial intelligence SHODAN.

Among the many primary aims of the remaster, Night Dave says one of the most important is to “keep the new game true to the classic experience” but modernize it with more contemporary control schemes and user interfaces.

So far, the remaster is due to release on PC and Xbox One (no confirmation for PlayStation 4, yet), and the project will attempt to gain some additional funding with a Kickstarter project in the near future.

The System Shock remaster isn’t the only slice of sci-fi horror we have to look forward to, either. Producer for the original game Warren Spector, confirmed at the start of 2016 that both he and OtherSide Entertainment had begun work on System Shock 3, a fully-fledged sequel to System Shock 2.

Predictably, a release date for both has yet to be confirmed, but expect more news over the rest of the year.