First Sneak Peek At Uncharted 3 Coming Soon?

Yeah I’m excited too. According to sources at Kotaku, Drake’s third adventure is set for a first ever reveal (of some sort), next month at the Spike VGA awards. Whether this is going to simply be a trailer with some cut scenes showcasing where the loveable PS3 icon is headed next, or a teaser trailer saying…um…not much, we couldn’t say. But gameplay footage is probably going to be a no no this early on, seing as the game is due out Q4 2011.

Naughty Dog has admitted they are respectfully taking a leaf out of Team Ico’s book, hoping to recreate an emotional investment for the player, in the same way Ico did for the few gamers who played it back on the PS2. Uncharted 2 was thrilling, involving, and genuinely told a fine tale. So does U3 have to draw us in, offer near faultless gameplay, AND stick a fist into our hearts this time around? This statement followed the news that OPM readers had voted Uncharted 2 as the ‘greatest Playstation game of all time’, a spokesperson at Naughty Dog said they feel Ico deserved the title far more. ND are so awesome and humble, yeah I said it.

So what could be in store for the population of Uncharted fans, other than an engrossing story and a top class voice cast? The introduction of dual wielding maybe? Vehicles? A grapple hook? Boats? Arse, September next year is ages away. I guess we might have more solid info on things to look forward to in a couple of weeks. The awards are being held on December 12th and as usual, we’ll keep you posted with any goodies that sizzle in to existence.