How To Fix PlayStation 5’s DualSense Controller Charging Issue

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 owners intending to indulge in a marathon session of gaming this weekend will want to keep one eye on their DualSense controllers.

Over the last few days or so, many owners of Sony’s new hardware have been reporting frustrations with its impressive gamepad. The primary concern, it seems, is the inconsistent and unreliable nature of charging the controller when the paired PS5 enters Rest Mode. In instances where everything works as it should, connecting both devices via USB cable (included in the box) while turned on will automatically cause the DualSense to start charging, a process that simply doesn’t work with any reliability when the console is put on standby.

While the exact cause of this inconsistency has yet to be determined (Sony hasn’t officially acknowledged any problem), many users have suggested that tweaking power supply settings for USB ports during Rest Mode has led to success.

To find the correct menu, navigate to Settings>System>Power Saving>Features Available in Rest Mode>Power Supply to USB Ports>Always. This, however, isn’t a universal fix, as many early adopters still experience trouble even after following the above steps. Thankfully, there is another relatively simple – if not particularly ideal – alternative available, should the issue continue to reoccur.

According to official troubleshooting guidelines, using the PlayStation 5‘s rear USB port instead of the more conveniently-placed front option should resolve any complications. It’s worth noting that Sony doesn’t attribute these guidelines to a specific fault and it remains to be seen if the platform holder will have anything else to say on the matter. If Nintendo’s much-criticized silence over the Switch’s JoyCon connectivity issue is any indication, though, remaining tight-lipped will only strain customer relations further, so here’s to hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.