New Footage From Remember Me Shows Off Hyper Kinetic Gameplay


Capcom’s latest title Remember Me harmonises age-old science fiction themes with a unique and interesting concept. Come June 4th (June 7th for Europe), players will take control of Nilin, a coveted hunter-come-thief with the ability to absorb memories from the people around her. Set in a futuristic depiction of Paris in 2084, the game will take place within a harsh, noir-esque cityscape where the government rule over the citizens with a burly iron fist. And in order to stoke our excitement for the game, the team at Dontnod Entertainment released a new game play video.

Check it out below:

A major component of Remember Me is The Sense Engine, or SENSEN for short, a nanotechnology that is incorporated into every human being via the base of their necks – hence the glowing nodes behind everyone’s heads in the footage above. Nilin has the ability to tap into this cybernetic nexus and gain information from an individual’s memories. It’s an innovative idea and one that will surely open up a multitude of game play options.

In the beginning of the game, our heroine wakes up in a glum corner of the city with no memory, and consequently weans her way across the glitzy metropolis to rediscover her identity. This journey will pit Nilin against governmental corporations who utilise the technology for immoral reasons, such as MemorEyes, who even have a duplicitous tagline to boot: ‘Trust us, we won’t forget you.’ Pretty creepy, right?

The curved heads-up-display and neon aesthetic all lend credence to the environment’s immersive quality. In the game, the affluent and more modern region of the city is juxtaposed with the working-class underbelly. A dichotomy which, for sci-fi fans, will evoke a plethora of tropes from various films in the genre. In terms of mechanics, the third person perspective and exploration evoke the Uncharted series – no bad thing, mind you – and, in terms of visuals, Remember Me looks poised to build on its interesting narrative foundation with some truly impressive, maybe even memorable, environments.

Remember Me will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on June 7th, 2013. In the meantime, give us your impressions of the game in the comments below.