Fortnite Adds Storm Scout Sniper, Birthday Presents And More In Latest Update


The lights have almost gone out on Fortnite Season 9. Within the next week or so, Epic Games will hit the metaphorical Big Red Button for its battle royale, triggering a change in seasons. The long-awaited showdown between Battle Island’s giant robot and a titanic monster took place over the weekend, too, leaving in its wake map-wide destruction. Indeed, geographic changes often accompany the arrival of a new season, and with potential start dates for Season 10 already doing the rounds, it’s only a matter of time before the full transition takes place.

In the meantime, however, Epic’s been busy closing out Season 9 with a few extra bits and bobs. Patch v9.41 went live earlier today and you can check out the gallery below for a first look at what the update contains.

As expected, following a series of earlier leaks, the birthday celebrations for Fortnite‘s second year in service have been added. Both loot-filled presents and scrummy birthday cakes will start appearing in-game later this week and each boasts rewards worth seeking out. The former, when opened, will award one of six different bundles of loot whereas cakes will restore 5 points of Health and Shield when scoffed. Nothing too crazy, then, but it’s a welcome accompaniment to what’s undoubtedly this week’s headline addition.

The brand new Storm Scout Sniper can now be found via the usual means in either Epic or Legendary variants. What does it do? Well, let’s just say keeping tabs on Storm Circles while wielding the rifle will be a thing of the past. Scoping in will reveal an embedded weather map that displays any upcoming storms before they appear on the minimap, giving users the advantage of being able to plan ahead.

That about wraps up all the major changes accompanying Fortnite‘s latest patch which could well prove to be the final addition prior to Season 10’s arrival. Fingers crossed!

Source: Epic Games