Fortnite Now Has An Area 51-Inspired Emote

Fortnite season 10

Fortnite fans jumping in-game for a session or two this weekend will have been greeted with several neat surprises.

The first of those, as if you hadn’t already heard, is the battle royale’s collaboration with DC’s Batman. From now until October 6th, Battle Island regulars have the chance to earn several special cosmetic rewards themed after the Dark Knight by completing a series of limited-time challenges. Accompanying that is a new Rift Zone that replaces Tilted Town with none other than Gotham City. Hurling Batarangs, lighting Bat Signals and defusing Joker gas canisters are just some of the activities available to all players over the next two weeks.

As for the second surprise, well, let’s just say developer Epic Games never fails to capitalize on internet culture. The long-running Storm Area 51 event finally came to a head last week with a modest number of attendees turning up at the secretive US base’s gates eager to spot some aliens. Unsurprisingly, the campaign to get inside amounted to nothing, but the mock offensive has since spawned a variety of memes, not least one surrounding the so-called Naruto Run.

For those unaware, the name refers to that of the running position that various characters from the Naruto anime series perform and had humorously been suggested as an effective strategy to ‘storm’ Area 51. Epic has since added the run to Fortnite‘s in-game store labelled as Full Tilt, and you can check it out below.

Oh and that’s not all, either. In keeping with the extraterrestrial theme, several new cosmetics have been added alongside Full Tilt, including a skin first leaked last week by data miners. If you’ve yet to behold the one-eyed alien and its accompanying spacesuit, you can do so by heading through here.

As for those of you eager to hit 100% completion in the Fortnite X Batman crossover, worry not – we’ve got you covered on that front. Good luck!