New Fortnite Glitch Lets Players Fly Like Superman


If you were to pay Apollo Island a visit right now, it wouldn’t take long at all for you to cross paths with a superhero.

As part of its biggest collaboration with Marvel to date, Epic Games introduced a huge number of iconic characters from the world of comic books to Fortnite alongside Season 4. Threatening to devour all existence with a single bite, world-eater Galactus is currently making his way to the battle royale’s idyllic landscape and Thor, eager to protect the people (that’s you, by the way) that live there, is doing everything in his power to stop the cosmic entity from satisfying his hunger.

To hold the line, Asgard’s God of Thunder has drafted in help from all corners of Marvel’s universe, with the likes of Wolverine, Storm, She-Hulk and many others having found a new temporary home on Apollo Island. Reddit user OmegaReu, on the other hand, is clearly more of a DC fan, as they’ve recently stumbled upon a glitch that makes soaring through the skies like Superman not just a dream, but reality. You can check it out over here.

As for how one goes about replicating this exploit, the method isn’t crystal clear, though appears to require combining several key items. By munching on a Pepper and two Spicy Fish (both of which increase agility) and then jumping headfirst into a Crash Pad, OmegaReu combines the momentum boost with Iron Man’s gauntlets in order to create a bootleg Man of Steel, crossing the entire map within a matter of seconds.

While it’s certainly possible to mimic this entire process in a standard match of Fortnite, OmegaReu confirms that they used a private lobby to achieve the above, as locating all of the required items and evading elimination in the former would naturally have added an unnecessary layer of difficulty. Even so, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this particular glitch get patched in the near future, if only to prevent any potential bug abuse.

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