New Fortnite Leak Hints At Huge Map Changes Coming Soon


Its addictive one-more-go gameplay loop aside, one of Fortnite‘s biggest strengths has always been its ever-changing map. Since launch in 2017, Epic has treated Battle Island much like a canvas for the development team’s ever-changing ideas, always striving to keep the player experience fresh by making changes to the landscape on a seasonal basis. The currently active Season 8 has been no different, itself triggering the rise of a horizon-dominating volcano from the island’s depths to go along with a swashbuckling pirate theme, but stay seated, because there’s apparently more to come.

As per the latest efforts of dedicated data-miners, a series of files and preliminary renders forecasting potential changes to Fortnite‘s map have been discovered. The site seemingly scheduled to receive a makeover in the near future is Dusty Divot, which, according to the leaker, could soon be buried beneath a red-hot tsunami of lava.

For those not adept at remembering place names, Dusty Divot gets its name from the gigantic impact crater created by a meteor that fell in a past season, having previously been known as Dusty Depot. Since that cataclysmic event, the point of interest has remained unchanged in spite of other tweaks made to the surrounding area, but that could all be about to change. Whether those suspicions ultimately hold any truth remains to be seen, but the theory certainly lines up with other strange goings-on currently happening in-game.

Just yesterday, players discovered a mysterious new excavation site near Paradise Palms requiring a clean-up. The clean-up effort has since unearthed what appears to be an inactive volcano and that, combined with Fortnite‘s latest The Floor is Lava LTM appear to suggest another imminent natural disaster is on the cards. We’ll be following each new development as it comes, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you think Epic plans to build atop filled-in crater of Dusty Divot.

Source: Twitter