Tons Of New Skins And Cosmetics Leak For Fortnite Season 8


If you’ve logged in for a session or two of Fortnite since Epic Games pushed out its latest update for the battle royale title, chances are you’ve noticed a peculiar mode of transport doing the rounds on Battle Island. The one-seat hamster ball – or The Baller, as Epic has officially christened it – is available to use in-game as of patch v8.10, but that’s not all that’s new.

As is usually the case whenever the delivery of new content requires server downtime, an array of files containing unreleased cosmetics have been added, including character skins, pickaxes and, of course, new gliders. None of the latter can trump the attack helicopter glider introduced earlier this season, mind you, but there’s still a wealth of upcoming new cosmetics to get excited about, and you can check them all out for yourself in the gallery down below.

As far as this writer’s opinion goes, the ninja-like outfits are without a doubt the best of the bunch – the tree trunk-shaped pickaxe coming in as a close second, because clouting your enemy over the head with a block of wood sounds strangely appealing. For those of you seeking a more flamboyant loadout, magic wands, musical instruments and colourful pinatas are par for the course, ensuring all tastes are accounted for. In terms of availability, Epic has yet to specify a date, though you can likely expect the drop to happen prior to the conclusion of Fortnite‘s current season.

Season 8 kicked off earlier this month, bringing with it a myriad of new challenges to complete and gameplay features, the most recent being the welcome addition of more ways to earn legendary-tier loot in the form of treasure maps. For all the details on how to unearth the buried treasure those lead to, see here. Alternatively, if you’ve found yourself lagging behind with this season’s Battle Pass challenges, our series of guides have you covered.