Fortnite’s Mysterious New Excavation Site Event Has Been Cleared


If you logged in yesterday for a round or two of Fortnite, you, like many, were likely taken aback by the sight of a new landmark. Players pitching their gliders in close proximity to Paradise Palms immediately caught wind of the sound of heavy machinery indulging in a spot of excavation work, though this particular project was far from an archaeological dig.

Upon closer inspection of the dig site, first discoverers noted a hulking chunk of rock blocking access to the contents below. This, of course, prompted visitors to whip out their pickaxes and have a crack at breaking up the rubble, only to discover the sediment’s health bar stretched to an eye-watering 500 million.

Fortunately for all involved in the dig, Epic ensured progress towards clearing the obstruction was a global effort so it didn’t take long to whittle that number down. As of writing, the combined efforts of the player base has resulted in the excavation site’s clearance, though nobody is really sure what to make of the unearthed contents.

Besides the long-dead carcass of an unidentifiable animal and a treasure chest (standard loot), the only remarkable finding thus far is the site’s central steam vent. Besides launching players brave enough to dive straight into the geyser skyward, it currently doesn’t appear to serve any particular purpose, though if precedence is any indication, this is likely the first in a multi-part event Epic has planned.

What with the recent arrival of Fortnite‘s The Floor is Lava LTM and the appearance of a volcano on Battle Island at the beginning of Season 8, it could well be the case that a disaster of prehistoric proportions is imminent. Either way keep those peepers peeled right here for the inevitable follow-up to Fortnite‘s latest teaser event.