Fortnite Leak Reveals More New Cosmetics For Patch 10.40

Fortnite Photo

Fortnite fans have an influx of new cosmetics headed their way very soon.

Scheduled to arrive alongside patch 10.40 for the battle royale later this week, the complete gamut of character skins, accessories and emotes will be up for grabs in-game, many of which will be immediately familiar to Marvel fans. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so, Epic Games recently welcomed Deadpool to Apollo Island alongside Chapter 2 Season 2, with fans required to complete a number of challenges in order to unlock a replica of the foul-mouthed superhero’s outfit to keep.

The surprise crossover was simply a taste of what’s to come, however, as data miners have recently uncovered a bunch of new skins featuring the likeness of other popular mutants. Cable, Domino and Psylocke will make their debut tomorrow alongside scores of others, all of which you can check out below.

Back bling and gliders themed after each of the three characters will be on sale individually and include delights such as Cable’s Cloak, a Psi-Rider and even a pair of Light Knives. What’s more, Wade Wilson himself is getting some new threads in the form of two aptly-named costumes, Ravenpool and Cuddlepool. Those will be joined by several unique-to-Fortnite skins, too, such as Synth, Wolf, Guff and Siren.

As usual, shoppers will want to make sure they’re stocked up on V-Bucks for when the update drops, though it remains to be seen if some of those items leaked will be obtainable through gameplay. Via a new limited-time mode featuring Deadpool and his colleagues, perhaps? Here’s to hoping that’s the case.

Following confirmation of Chapter 2 Season 3’s delay earlier this week, players still have plenty of time to unlock their very own Deadpool skin if they haven’t already. See here for everything you need to know.