Fortnite Players Have Finally Found Deadpool In-Game


Following the total obliteration of Battle Island at the climax of Fortnite Season X and the subsequent introduction of Chapter 2 Season 1, Epic Games appeared to enter something of a cooling-off period. As a first for the battle royale since its release back in 2017, the developer opted to delay Chapter 2’s next major update, adding a further 30 days to the usual three-month cycle of seasonal refreshes.

The resulting content drought finally came to a close last month with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 2, of course, and one particular new addition has fans clamoring to learn more. In case you hadn’t heard, Marvel’s foul-mouthed mutant, Deadpool, has decided to grace players with his presence in Season 2: Top Secret, though not until now has the unconventional superhero finally revealed himself in-game.

As for how one goes about finding Wade Wilson’s alter ego: it’s actually quite straightforward. Simply head on over to the Battle Pass section of Fortnite‘s main menu and click on the air vent on-screen. As discovered previously, this will take you to Deadpool’s secret hideout, only this time, it’s not empty.

As shown above, the previously closed bathroom stall has swung wide open, with its occupant having emerged for an impromptu gaming session.

Sadly, the hero has naught to say upon your intrusion, though the development does perhaps imply that Epic is ready to move forward with the ongoing event. Completing a number of different challenges (accessed via the computer seen above) throughout Season 2 is believed to be the method in which players will finally obtain Deadpool’s tight-fitting outfit for their own wardrobe collection. It remains unclear how many challenges there are, though if I was to hazard a guess, Epic will likely stretch the event out for the entirety of Season 2, with the final weeks being the first opportunity to dress as the character himself.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is live now across all platforms and adds a number of new features. See here for all the details.