Where To Find The Secret Deadpool Room In Fortnite Chapter 2


Fortnite is currently playing host to a very special guest indeed, though it appears as if the superhero’s adoring fans are having a hard time tracking him down.

We are, of course, referring to the recent surprise announcement that Marvel’s Deadpool has infiltrated Apollo Island, and while official sightings are still forthcoming, players scouring the game for clues have finally made a substantially filthy find. Epic Games, crafty as ever, has attempted to throw fans off the scent from discovering this particular Easter egg by placing it, not in Chapter 2’s map, as many would expect, but Fortnite‘s in-game menus.

Your first port of call, then, will be the Battle Pass section. From here, one need simply click on the air vent situated below a certain foul-mouthed hero’s trademark symbol and voila! You’re in Deadpool’s, er… ‘hideout’. Check out the incredibly unsanitary den for yourselves below:

As for what you can do while inside the unkempt washroom (you know, besides holding your nose), a computer situated precariously atop the bathroom’s sink can be accessed to obtain a special objective. You’ll be tasked with finding a letter written by Wade Wilson himself addressed to Epic Games. As for its contents, well, your work’s not quite done yet. Simply start up a game of Fortnite and jump off the Battle Bus without thanking the driver (or is it pilot?) to tick off the second challenge.

For now, that’s where the breadcrumb trail ends, though you can undoubtedly expect further tasks from Deadpool himself to surface in the weeks ahead. Chances are, completing every one of these challenges will result in Chapter 2 Season 2′ sought-after Deadpool skin being unlocked, so you’ll assuredly want to tick these off as soon as they drop. Stay tuned for further developments.