How To Unlock Deadpool In Fortnite


Exactly as it promised yesterday, Epic Games has delivered the latest event for Fortnite Chapter 2 and, even if you’ve only been following goings-on in the battle royale from afar as of late, chances are you’ll already be well aware of the ultimate prize for participating.

Yes, following seven weeks of excruciating wait, fans are finally able to get their hands on Deadpool or, more specifically, his costume. Marvel’s foul-mouthed antihero has been handing out a laundry list of tasks for players to complete over the last month or so with the promise of sweet rewards at journey’s end. Data miners had already revealed not long after Chapter 2 season 2’s launch that the superhero’s outfit would be the carrot on the stick, of course, but it’s nice to finally have the reward be available in-game, nonetheless.

So, how does one go about unlocking the sought-after cosmetic? Fortunately, it’s quite simple. Continue through the break below for a rundown of what you’ll need to do.

First things first; you need to retrieve Deadpool’s pistols. To do so, head into the Agency headquarters via the main menu and click the first pistol under the table. The second can be found next to Agent Meowscles in the Agents room. Now all you need do is load up a match and head for the closest phone booth. Upon stepping inside you’ll be immediately transformed into Deadpool and have the costume permanently added to your wardrobe.

As one final note for those willing to go the extra mile, a second, alternate skin that removes Wade’s mask can be unlocked by visiting the newly-redecorated yacht off the coast of Fortnite‘s Apollo Island. See here for everything you need to know.