Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite Chapter 2’s Deadpool Event


Fortunately for Epic Games, video games aren’t subject to the same social distancing rules currently in force around the globe.

Beginning tomorrow, April 3rd, Fortnite fans logging in for their usual session will be greeted with a new event dedicated entirely to a certain Marvel superhero. Following his introduction alongside Chapter 2 season 2, Deadpool has yet to show up on Apollo Island directly, having so far remained out of sight, preferring instead to remotely issue special challenges to those who stumble upon his secret hideout.

Over the last six weeks, players have been ticking off each set of objectives as and when they arrive, with those scheduled to drop tomorrow intended to be the last. Thanks to leaks revealed earlier today, we now have confirmation (as if it wasn’t already obvious) that completing the seventh and final set of tasks will finally unlock Wade Wilson’s iconic costume, but that’s not all.

To make this event one to remember, there’ll be a selection of re-themed locations active for the duration, one of which you can see below.

You can no doubt expect the temporarily redecorated yacht to be a hotbed of player activity once the update goes live, too, not least due to it being tied to a special unlock.

Deadpool’s alternate skin – one that removes the mask – can only be obtained by dancing on the party boat’s deck, so be sure to bring enough consumables to survive a hostile dance-off or two. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that Deadpool’s signature dual pistols will be available as a usable weapon for the event’s duration and boast superior firepower over any other weapon in their class.

That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for a full guide on Fortnite‘s latest collaboration event tomorrow.