New Fortnite Leak Teases Big Galactus Event To End Season 4


Fortnite‘s ongoing Nexus War is due to reach its inevitable end before November comes to a close, and fans are quite rightly excited to see what Epic Games has planned.

Ever since Season 4 kicked off back in August, Marvel supervillain Galactus has been a constant threat looming over Apollo Island. Were it not for a band of heroes led by Thor, the aforementioned world eater may well have already chowed down on his latest meal, though such an eventuality certainly hasn’t been ruled out entirely just yet – this could easily be a case of delaying the inevitable. Ultimately, it won’t be until the occasion starts proper that players will know the final outcome, though if recent leaks are anything to go by, it’s looking likely that whatever happens, it’s going to be one hell of an event.

Following the rollout of patch v14.60 yesterday, data miners have immediately gotten to work excavating every new file added to the battle royale, with one discovery, in particular, suggesting that a repeat performance (in terms of scope) of last year’s black hole incident is on the cards.

According to TigerHyper over on Twitter, two encrypted folders – 721 MB and 500 MB – are now present which, when combined, result in a size which is double that of anything that’s come before. It’s worth noting, too, that these are compressed files, meaning that when they’re unpacked, the final total will be in the region of 6 GB. Spoilers: that’s ginormous.

Galactus has no intention of going quietly, then, and it goes without saying that we’ll be waiting with bated breath alongside everyone else to see what becomes of Fortnite following the world eater’s arrival. Watch this space for more.