New Fortnite Portal Teases Alien Xenomorph Crossover


Portals have been springing up on Apollo Island at a dizzying rate as of late and this week is no different.

Fortnite players have spotted yet another tear in the fabric of reality following the battle royale’s most recent update and as usual, those who seek it out are able to take a peek into the gateway for a teaser of what’s going to come through the other side. Fortunately, Epic Games has decided not to make this hint particularly cryptic and fans appear to have already sussed out who – or more accurately what – is waiting to cross on over.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, the Alien franchise’s Xenomorphs will soon be spitting flesh-melting acid all over the shop by the looks of it. In addition to the official teaser provided by Epic describing an otherwise ordinary ship populated with a welcoming crew, data miner HYPEX has managed to uncover several audio files which remove all doubt from the equation. The sound of that motion sensor is unmistakable…

As for when you can expect the Xenomorphs to begin their invasion, well, a shop update later this week is the most likely timeframe. Previous collaborations have been delivered within a similar window, after all, including last week’s completely unexpected addition of Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li.

With a while still to go until Zero Point comes to a close, we suspect one of cinema’s most iconic horror franchises won’t be the last to show its face in Fortnite and at this stage, nothing is off the table in regard to who/what could make the jump. As always, stay tuned for further developments and let us know which crossover you want to see next by dropping a comment below.