Here’s Everything You’ll Find In Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 8

It’s that time of the year again. Epic Games has waved farewell to Fortnite‘s seventh season in order to make room for its successor.

As always, the developer has prefaced the new adventures that await by outlining some of the goodies thrill-seekers can expect from the Battle Pass, with the theme this time centering around two pop culture greats, pirates and ninjas. Besides having to contend with heavy-duty cannons to reach the loot-filled plunder scattered around the island, brand new areas – Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps – as well as new traversal options like Volcanic Vents will surely shake up the status quo.

In terms of the booty up for grabs, Epic’s promising over 100 shiny new exclusive rewards waiting to be unlocked as part of the Battle Pass, including the Blackheart and Hybrid progressive outfits. Both will be unlocked instantly upon dropping the usual 950 V-bucks entry fee and will change to provide new visual styles the more you play.

The wealth of new cosmetic carrots to chase is just the tip of what Season 8 has to offer, mind you. A new option, Party Assist!, allows hapless adventurers struggling with certain challenges to draft in friends to help with their completion and customization options aplenty have been introduced. Support for Fortnite Creative also continues with deadly traps and “harrowing trials” providing additional options for fans looking to make their own fun.

More than any before it, Season 8 looks to be a game-changer for folks dropping into Battle Island on the regular, and if you’ve so far been reluctant to dive in against veterans, the newly-volcanic arena provides more of a level playing field for newcomers than ever before.

For those seeking tips and tricks on how to best begin ticking off the tasks and trials presented by Fortnite‘s latest Battle Pass, stay tuned for our breakdown as we’ve got a lot more coming for you over the next few days.