New Fortnite Story Trailer Teases The Launch Of Season X


We’re only one day away from the launch of Fortnite‘s tenth season, and developer Epic Games has pulled back the curtain on what fans should expect come August. As is standard for the studio, the development team has been teasing us with plenty of cryptic images and clues. In fact, a few days ago, they revealed the return of Dusty Depot by releasing a picture of the game’s logo emblazoned with a neon “X.”

Shortly after that, it was followed up by an equally puzzling image that showed a silhouette of what looks like a bipedal mech with the same colorful “X” relegated to the background. And just yesterday, fans were treated to another photo, which adhered to the same neon purple and blue hues from other promotional images.

Well, it seems the wait is finally over, as Epic Games has just released a brand new trailer that shows off their vision for the upcoming season. The new video (which we’ve embedded above) starts off with a literal bang, sending Jonesy careening through a time vortex of sorts. As he enjoys his somewhat psychedelic trip, the iconic Fortnite avatar comes across a few peculiar items, including vaulted weapons and cosmetics that were timed to specific events and holidays.

The trailer finishes with Jonesy crash landing on what appears to be an older version of the map featuring Dusty Depot, which was later turned into Dusty Divot thanks to a meteor strike. Speaking of, the end of the preview shows that particular celestial object hovering a few feet above the ground, appearing frozen.

Needless to say, it looks like time travel will be an important theme of the new season, which has been renamed as “Season X.” We’re not entirely sure what else Epic has in store, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as the new season kicks off on August 1st, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of the latest developments as they come to light.