Fortnite’s Baller Vehicle Has Been Temporarily Disabled, Here’s Why


As one of the many pillars responsible for Fortnite‘s addictive gameplay, vehicles have come to be an accepted part of the battle royale title, even if they’re often considered overpowered or otherwise problematic. The latest contraption added to aid maneuverability around the Battle Island map, it seems, is no exception, as Epic has been forced to disable use of the Jurassic World-inspired device to investigate an issue.

As per a post deployed on social media to inform players of the issue, Epic says the temporary measure has been taken while it looks into an apparent “stability issue.” The full statement reads:

We’ve temporarily disabled The Baller while we investigate a stability issue. We’ll roll out a status update once we know more.

Vague (and filled with puns) it may be, but The Baller‘s unreliable nature hasn’t gone unnoticed by seasoned Fortnite players, some of which have publicized various glitches and bugs currently affecting the nontraditional mode of transport. One particularly humorous bug noted by Reddit user SpritneyBiers (below) shows their avatar rolling downhill in the vehicle without a care in the world.

Tragedy sadly strikes when, upon exiting the fragile sphere, they promptly keel over and die, losing all that hard-earned loot in the process. What exactly caused the impromptu death? Only Epic knows for sure, though fans speculate that the bug is a result of fall damage not being registered correctly while encapsulated.

Died because of Baller Bug from FortNiteBR

Others have utilized The Baller’s unique physics to brute force their way out of the map, as seen in this Twitch clip.

Despite all of the hijinks outlined above, Epic appears keen on hammering out The Baller’s so-called ‘stability’ issues rather than sending it to the dreaded Vault, as other problematic content has in the past, which is only fair, considering its relative newness. Besides, if the recently-leaked challenges for Fortnite Season 8’s fourth round of challenges are accurate, players will be required to get kills with vehicle damage to earn a Battle Star, so Epic will surely want The Baller to be back in the game before then.

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