New Leak Suggests Planes Could Be Making A Return To Fortnite


As Fortnite transitions from one season to another, developer Epic Games is always on the ball when it comes to providing new content for fans to get dizzy with excitement over. From new weapons and map overhauls to overwhelming customisation options and uncanny vehicles, there’s never been a shortage of new discoveries to be made on Battle Island, though the latter, in particular, have often times been a point of contention among the player base. Those who spent a sizable amount of time in-game during Season 7 will no doubt remember the X-4 Stormwing. The vintage battle plane, which allowed pilots to dish out death from the safety of the skies, while excellent fun, wasn’t exactly a well-balanced addition.

Short of landing a series of lucky shots, downing one of the aerial menaces was all but impossible. Rather than commit to the kneejerk reaction of removing the vehicle, Epic attempted to reign in the Stormwing’s power with subsequent patches with only modest success. As with many hard-to-balance and/or obsolete weapons, Epic ultimately decided to send the aircraft to Fortnite‘s Vault at the conclusion of Season 7, leaving many to wonder if it would ever return.

Back to the present day, new files discovered by data-miners over on Reddit seems to suggest that, yes, Epic is priming the Stormwing for a return, though potentially in a very different form. Included within the leak are audio files for the X-4 pertaining to low fuel warnings, hinting that Epic has perhaps solved the problem that accompanied its original release. No such fuel management system was present for the aircraft in Season 7 (perpetual flight was a very real possibility), so requiring a pit-stop on the ground for a manic refuel would surely go a long way towards maintaining balance.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Epic has planned for Fortnite‘s future, but Season 8 certainly hasn’t left players wanting for vehicular entertainment. Besides the hamster ball-inspired Baller introduced a few weeks back, the fan favourite Driftboard continues to entertain. For those worried about the latter’s future in the live game, fear not – Epic has no plans to remove it just yet.

Source: Reddit

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