Free Content Pack Now Available For Apex Legends PS4 Players

Apex Legends

All’s quiet on the Apex Legends front right now as far as new content goes. Not since Season 1: Wild Frontier hit Kings Canyon, has Respawn introduced any new gameplay features to its sandbox shooter, but the developer certainly hasn’t been twiddling its thumbs in the interim. In fact, perhaps more than ever, the creator of Fortnite‘s closest competitor has massively boosted its communication lines with fans and the community at large, both by interacting on social media and via in-depth blog posts.

It’s obviously reassuring to see the studio do everything in its power to tackle several prolific bugs still plaguing performance, of course, but it’s ultimately the lack of new content that continues to hamper growth. Thankfully, that should all change next month with the first reveal of Season 2 at E3, but in the meantime, PlayStation 4 players get some free stuff to serve as a stop-gap.

In order to grab the so-called Play Pack on the PlayStation Store, you’ll need to be a subscriber to Sony’s premium PS Plus service. With that only barrier to entry out of the way, simply head to the digital storefront and download the bundle. For those on the go or currently unable to access their console, see below for all of the DLC’s contents.

Pack Includes:

  • Two character skins (Lifeline and Mirage)
  • Two weapon skins (Eva-8 & R-99)
  • Two Banners (Lifeline and Mirage)

In the absence of any reference to exclusivity, it’s probably fair to assume that the skins on offer are the same as those currently available in-game, though for the price of absolutely free, you can’t really go wrong now, can you?

Potentially big news on the horizon, then, but in Apex Legends‘ more immediate future, Respawn just recently finalized its plans for an upcoming patch to the game that aims to fix several faults, as well as address the emerging problem of piggy-backing. Head through here for further details.