Free Zombie Army 4: Dead War DLC Adds Left 4 Dead Characters

Left 4 Dead

Valve might have little to no interest in creating a new entry in its criminally underused Left 4 Dead series, but it clearly has no qualms with loaning the IP out to third parties.

For those who don’t recall, the company behind Half-Life, Portal, and the widely-used Steam PC client has given developers its blessing to use various assets from its multiplayer shooter before, most notably in Techland’s Dying Light. Introduced as part of a limited-time event, the free update has returned on at least one occasion in the past due to popular demand and contains replicas of weapons as seen in L4D, including the trusty frying pan and golf club.

As per a short teaser trailer confirming the news earlier today, it appears as if Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s own crossover follows a similar suit, bringing with it a bunch of new character skins which genre fans will immediately recognize. Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey, the four protagonists of the original L4D, are now available to download at no additional cost. While you won’t have to pony up a single cent for that luxury, content accompanying the collaboration will go on sale for the usual price of $6.99.

Zombie Army 4 Logo

This bundle includes the all-new Abaddon Asylum mission as well as a number of premium cosmetics such as the WWI Josiah Outfit and WWII Headgear Pack. As for the aforementioned asylum, you’ll be tasked with infiltrating the domain of Baron Umbra, an occult mastermind obsessed with the macabre. Your quest to take Umbra out will begin in the catacombs situated below the cultist’s headquarters and conclude, no doubt, with more questions than answers befitting that of the second chapter in what Rebellion calls the Return to Hell campaign.

Not exactly the Left 4 Dead update many have been hoping for, then, but worry not. If the above isn’t your cup of tea, Turtle Rock’s recently announced Back 4 Blood could be what you’re looking for. Hit the link for more details.