Frictional Games Responds To Rumors That Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Has Turned Down The Horror

I may have a brand new man crush. Frictional Games boss Thomas Grip not only took time out of his schedule to respond to the email of a fan with concerns over Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, but he carried himself in a way I’ve only seen done with villains in horror films.

Redditor G00SEtav reached out to Frictional Games after he had heard the rumor circulating that A Machine For Pigs was going to turn down the horror in order to have a larger general appeal. Grip’s response is simply too good for me to try to truncate.

Dear Gustav,

One should not pay too much attention to rumors .

If it would have been a less scary Amnesia it would have been called “Amnesia: A trip to rainbowland” or perhaps Amnesia: A machine for cookie baking”. Our dear collaborators, Chinese Room, has gone to great length to conjure up the most disturbing and repulsive subtitle for a game yet. There is nothing friendly, cuddly or cozy about a machine for pigs. Men do not make machines that play with pigs, or sing cute songs for pig. No, there are only horrible and terrifying implications with this kind of machinery.

But please do continue with the conviction that A Machine for Pigs will be a nice and mellow experience. When it becomes a (sic) available on a dark and stormy night this coming fall, do let your guard down. Do think as you boot the game that this will be nothing to worry about. Put out all lights and play it in your damp and gloomy basement, far away from any kind of comfort, convinced that your (sic) are in for an relaxing trip.

You will then be unprepared for what will hit you, and will perhaps never dare to start your computer ever again, fearful of coming close to that machine. Your dreams will be filled with creaking machinery, the desperate cries of pigs, the rattle of chains and the dreadful feeling of something unspeakable is watching you from beyond. That is when you will regret thinking that A Machine for Pigs would be not a very scary experience.

Have a nice day!


Thomas Grip Frictional Games

Whether Grip is simply upselling his product or, if A Machine For Pigs is legitimately as terrifying as it’s predecessor waits to be seen, but Frictional Games may as well spend my money now. There is no way in hell I’m missing this.

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