Fulgore Will Be Returning To Killer Instinct After All

killer instinct gold

A leaked photo on Penny Arcade has apparently spoiled the return of Fulgore to the Killer Instinct franchise. The photo, which comes from the Killer Instinct: Pin Ultimate Edition, can be seen below. Along with the other recently revealed character Spinal, Fulgore’s name appears as the very last section on the left page.


As you can see from the header image, Fulgore was arguably Killer Instinct‘s poster boy and most well known character. The backstory on him is that he was a killer robot who was placed into the KI Tournament in order to test its fighting skills. Although he is technically destroyed by fellow combatant Jago at the end of the original game, the character made a return in the N64 sequel Killer Instinct Gold. I have no explanation for why he has a ponytail though outside of “It was the 90’s.”

While I’m still not sold on how this new iteration of Killer Instinct works, I’m happy to see that Fulgore will make an appearance at some point. Along with Jago and Cinder, he is the character that was most memorable to me and having a KI game without him just seemed odd. I also appreciate the fact that outside of the new character Sadira, Killer Instinct is ignoring all of the characters who were introduced in Gold. The less said about the likes of Maya and Tusk, the better.

We will have continuing coverage of Killer Instinct in the lead up to its release alongside the Xbox One. For now though, tell us, is anyone else excited about the appearance of Fulgore?