Full Patch Notes For The Division’s 1.1 Update Released By Ubisoft

The Division

Free content updates are always welcome for any game, but not many can boast having as much content as The Division‘s April 1.1 patch that’s releasing next week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Headlining the update is the game’s first raid – or Incursions as they’re dubbed in this world – Falcon Lost, a multiplayer-focused encounter that’s balanced for four players that have high level gear and weapons. To enter Falcon Lost, you must be level 30.

Then there’s everything else, and boy, is there a lot of stuff to pore over. Brand new sets of gear will be available as rewards for completing the game’s “most challenging activities,” and will provide unique bonuses and talents if you wear a full set.

The ability to trade with other players – something that Bungie would do well to take note of for Destiny – will also be implemented, along with the Assignment system, which gives players time-limited quests to complete with varying objectives.

Finally, the Gear Score mechanic – which will be familiar to anyone who’s experienced Destiny’s Light Level system will be introduced, as well as a whole new batch of brand new ‘named’, unique weapons for end-game players.

Check out the finer details below.

Falcon Lost

– Falcon Lost is a new incursion available in the Stuyvesant area
– You must be level 30 and have completed the mission “General Assembly” to access this mission
– The encounter is balanced for 4 players with high level gear

Gear Sets

– Gear set equipment can be found by completing the most challenging activities in Manhattan
– Collecting and wearing gear sets grant powerful stat bonuses and talents
– Gear sets of varying gear scores can be found for many playstyles. Find the set that best suits yours – “Tactician’s Authority” – enhances electronics and support capabilities – “Striker’s Battlegear” – provide bonuses for assault capabilities – “Sentry’s Call” – enhances marksman capabilities – “Path of the Nomad” – provides bonuses for lone wanderers


– Items dropped by enemies can be shared with other players
– Trade items by dropping them as loot from your inventory, so players in your group can pick them up
– You can only share items for during the first 2 hours after you have acquired them
– Items can only be shared with players who are currently in your group and who were also in your group when the item was originally dropped


– Assignments are automatically obtained when you log in and can be tracked from the map via the menu called “Mission Overview”
– Assignments are available for a limited time (24h for Daily Assignments and 7 days for Weekly Assignments), after which, they will be replaced by different assignments
– Assignments come in different categories: – Combat – Dark Zone – Crafting
– Most assignments can be completed while playing alone but some will require enlisting other agent’s assistance to complete
Dark Zone Supply Drops
– Dark Zone Supply Drops are a global event where the Strategic Homeland Defense agency airdrops multiple supply caches to assist Division agents
– Supply drops will occur multiple times over the course the day
– The supply drops will contain non-contaminated gear of all types that will be ready to use without the need for extraction
– These supply drops will be heavily sought after by other agents and enemy factions that roam the Dark Zone, so be ready for resistance

Gear Score

– Every non-vanity gear piece that can be found when your agent is level 30 has a Gear Score value. The higher an item’s Gear Score, the stronger the item
– The overall Gear Score of your agent can be seen in your main menu next to your player level. Gear Score indicates the advancement of an agent
– Other agents’ Gear Scores are displayed next to their health bars
– Improving your gear and increasing your overall Gear Score will grant your agent access to the most dangerous high-end challenges

Group Spectator Camera
– The Group Spectator Cam lets players spectate members of their group while waiting to be revived or the entire group to be down
– Players can use RB/LB, R1/L1 or Q/E keys to switch between group members

New High-End Named Weapons
– Added new High-End named weapons: – Warlord: Assault Rifle – Valkyria: Submachine gun – (Historian: Marksman Rifle) Please note that while the Historian will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.2

The Division‘s April update releases next week, April 12 for all major platforms, and if you’re interested in digging deeper in an effort to discover what tweaks, changes and bug fixes Ubisoft have made to the game under the hood, you can head to the official site by clicking here.

Source: VideoGamer